Never Ending Cards

Never Ending Card

Never Ending Cards are complex cards to make but are great for special occasions such as Retirements and big birthdays.  The beauty of them, is they flip around and around, so you get 4 separate views.  However, this means you have a lot of panels to fill with images.  So you need to know a lot of information about the recipient and have some photos.


Never ending card back rotation Never ending card inside view 2

Never ending card Inside view 1Never ending card front

How to make

You must be careful and precise in you measuring and cutting or this will not work smoothly.

1) Cut 4 panels of card 10 cm x 20 cm ( you could use two different colours if you wish)

2) Score horizontally across each of the 4 panels 5 cm in from each end.  Score on each side so the card bends easily.

3) Arrange the 4 panels into 2 pairs as shown in the diagrams.

4) Add doublesided tape to the 5cm square area as shown in the

Neverending Card

Diagram marked with A.

5) Carefully attach the 2 sets of panels together so that A matches up to the squares marked B.

You may need to trim your card a little in places if it doesn’t flip smoothly.

6) Decorate as you desire.

Never ending retirement DSC02439

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