Where did it start?

I thought the first thing to do on this Blogging thing would be to let you know where this all started. That is easy and the blame there lies firmly at my mums feet. She quite innocently bought me a small card making kit for my birthday about 7 or 8 years ago. It turned out to be an inspired present from her and one for which I am eternally grateful ( although I’m not sure my husband would agree).

I will admit that I have always had a liking for stationery, strange but true. However, I had never considered card making as a hobby. That small box of card making stash was the beginning of an all consuming passion. The innocent box contained a small paper cutter (which I still use), a book about different techniques used in card making, 3 wood mounted stamps, an ink pad, some card blanks, a cutting mat and some felt tips.

I started to have a play about with different techniques and made a few cards. Not very good at first I must admit but I persevered. The first proper card I made was for my Father-in-law. He likes snooker so I made him a card with a snooker table on it. I was rather pleased with the result and so it started. I started to look for card making kit and in a very short space of time my stash had increased and it has continued to do so ever since. There is always something new whether it is a new stamp or an image or a new machine.

The card making progressed and I discovered I really enjoyed stamping and heat embossing. They are still my favourite techniques but I like to do a mixture of things now from embossing to decoupage. I also discovered I now had an ever increasing collection of cards and not enough relatives to send them to. So I made the decision to try and sell some. I started off by taking a small basket of cards into work and lots of them sold. So, there after I left a basket in work with a box for money, so even if I wasn’t there people could get cards. Then came the decision to expand and try going to craft fairs, which I started to do last year with just one or two fairs and that has increased this year to a regular Saturday slot locally and some 5 or 6 big Fairs. My husband Mark also suggested creating a website for me, as this is what he does. And so Cheeky Frog was born. Complete with a specially created Frog.

Most recently a local craft shop opened in the village and they have taken in a stand of my cards, which is very exciting. So what started as a small hobby that gives me a lot of joy, has exploded into a small business which enables me to buy all my card making materials.

In this I now have a partner in crime with this and it is my good friend Kirsten. We worked together for a while and discovered that we had something in common… Card making. We have similar tastes in card making kit and go craft shopping together every couple of months. Despite the fact that we both go with a list and pledge that we are not going to deviate from that list, we always do and end up with more stuff than we intended. We then say “I’m not going to buy anything now until…” and then one of us will will find something new in a magazine, on line or on a Crafting channel, tell the other one and then we buy something else. Hopeless is the only word for us. But we love it and regularly play nicely together sharing stamps, peel offs and Kanban sheets!

Well now you know a bit more about how it all started. As for the name …well that’s a private joke between me and Mark.

I would like to thank a couple of people before I finish;

Mum - for buying me that innocent little box of stuff.

Mark- for putting up with my stash and for creating my fabulous website.

Kirsten – for understanding the madness that is card making and for being a great shopping/play friend.


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