Never Ending Cards

Never Ending Card

Never Ending Cards are complex cards to make but are great for special occasions such as Retirements and big birthdays.  The beauty of them, is they flip around and around, so you get 4 separate views.  However, this means you have a lot of panels to fill with images.  So you need to know a lot of information about the recipient and have some photos.


Never ending card back rotation Never ending card inside view 2

Never ending card Inside view 1Never ending card front

How to make

You must be careful and precise in you measuring and cutting or this will not work smoothly.

1) Cut 4 panels of card 10 cm x 20 cm ( you could use two different colours if you wish)

2) Score horizontally across each of the 4 panels 5 cm in from each end.  Score on each side so the card bends easily.

3) Arrange the 4 panels into 2 pairs as shown in the diagrams.

4) Add doublesided tape to the 5cm square area as shown in the

Neverending Card

Diagram marked with A.

5) Carefully attach the 2 sets of panels together so that A matches up to the squares marked B.

You may need to trim your card a little in places if it doesn’t flip smoothly.

6) Decorate as you desire.

Never ending retirement DSC02439

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Urban Belles and Rainy Days

One of my absolute favourite techniques when card making is Stamping. As a child I always enjoyed colouring in and I still do. Now I like to use Promarkers or H2O’s. I’m not so keen on chalks, I think I need to practice more with them before I’m happy using them. But I’ll save that discussion for another day.

My favourite stamps to use change frequently, so I will keep coming back to favourite stamps every time I change my mind! At the moment, I have two sets of stamps that I love. The first is from Kanban. Kanban produce some fabulous stamps and die-cut images but my favourite just now are the Urban Belles. My good friend and ‘partner in card making crime’, Kirsten, got me on to these.

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To Craft Fair or not to Craft Fair?

Or maybe a better question might be ‘To sell or not to sell?’

There will reach a point in your card making, jewellery making or whatever it is that you are creating, when you have so many made up items, that your other half says, “Now you’ve made all of these what are you going to do with them? We only have so many family members.” And they have a point.

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Where did it start?

I thought the first thing to do on this Blogging thing would be to let you know where this all started. That is easy and the blame there lies firmly at my mums feet. She quite innocently bought me a small card making kit for my birthday about 7 or 8 years ago. It turned out to be an inspired present from her and one for which I am eternally grateful ( although I’m not sure my husband would agree).

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Welcome to the Frog Blog

Hi, welcome to the blog.

As we go on, you’ll find news of events that we’ll be attending, information on some of our favourite bits of kit, pictures of new cards, and maybe even some crafty tips on how to make various types of cards.

Please bear with us as we find our blogging feet!

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